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News and Events




Meeting Athene

October 25th 2023

The ECOMODA project made a significant impact during its presentation at the 5th Annual Discuss Learning 2023 Conference in Athens, Greece, on October 25th 


  • Presentation of the project’s materials
    The thematic areas of the blended learning course for employees as well as the online training course for apparel SMEs owners, managers, designers and textile manufacturers were presented.
  • A CSR Representative mentioned the significance of sustainability in textile and clothing SMEs.
    The presentation focused on how to improve SMEs maturity towards sustainability and how to promote it to its stakeholders.
  • A workshop for VET students
    The workshop focused on harmful aspects of fast fashion, the concepts of greenwashing and corporate social responsibility in textile and apparel companies.


Thanks to all who participated.

Course launching


"My eco-enterprise” digital platform english version is ready to be launched, the Eco Moda consortium has developed a very  important result of the project.

A blended learning course on sustainability and ethics for employees in the apparel and textile industry. – 

The course consists of the following modules as they have been discussed and selected by the partners :

  • Introduction to sustainability in the textile and apparel sector 
  • Rethinking product life cycle Communication with clients on company sustainability practices 
  • Personal contribution to improve sustainability in the company 
  • Good practices from sustainable and ethical textile and apparel 

This online platform contains a strategic roadmap toolkit, a wiki tool for employees to formulate their ideas on sustainability and ethics grow into a proposal and engage with their employers/managers, a fun quiz for employers and employees to test how sustainable their enterprise is and a success story subpage with narrations of changes companies have adopted.

The course, with all its contents, will be freely available online via the Moodle platform: “My Eco enterprise"

Arezzo Meeting

May 19th 2022

The first partnership meeting in Arezzo within the Ecomoda project took place! It was attended by representatives from Lithuania, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria and Poland.


The partners agreed on an action plan for the coming months, which will result in the creation of training material aimed at textile and clothing companies on the topic of sustainable development. 

Piraeus, Greece Meeting

March 27-29th 2023


We are pleased to report further progress in the implementation of the Ecomoda project.


A meeting of the project's trainers was held in Piraeus, Greece, from March 27-29 this year to explore the ins and outs of the training system. As part of this system, training materials will be available in the near future, so our trainers - in the classic spirit of "customer experience" - completely redesigned and tested the system on themselves.


Trainers from all partners will now be able to introduce companies to the world of sustainability and the importance of caring for the environment as part of their business.


Remember, you too can make a significant contribution to the planet at every stage of your life by paying attention to the topics covered in the Ecomoda project, among others.


We sincerely thank all the partners for the meeting and such a fruitful time. A nod to IDEC S.A. for organizing our meeting.

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