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"E-learning course for apparel SMEs’ owners, managers, designers and
textile manufacturer"




"The  e-learning course is aiming at the textile and apparel SMEs’ owners, managers, designers and manufacturers who wish to shift their businesses to a sustainable and ethical enterprise.

Target group of the e-learning course are SMEs’ owners in the textile and
clothing sector (yarn and textile manufacturing, knitting, clothing
manufacturing, distributors and retailers), managers & directors
(sourcing managers, sustainability directors etc.) and fashion designers.

The objective of the course is  to:


Raise  awareness on the importance of sustainable and ethical

development in their companies, -to initiate them in the management

concept of the Corporate Social Responsibility - to train them in depth

on dealing with environmental and socioeconomic issues of the sector

with a carefully planned set of modules to equip them with the needed

knowledge to transform their enterprises and themselves."

The learning course will be fully on-line which is in line with the sustaiability theme of the project, but it also ensures freedom for the users to choose their own pace and time for completeing the course


"The course will cover topics on how to plan, run  a sustaianble and ethical textile or apparel business, circularity in the fashion industry, clusters, standards and certifications in the textile and clothing industries. Green supply chains,  fair trade, sustainability and ethics in production, use of chemicals, designing processes, distribution, waste management are only few of the topics which will be covered by the course. 
The course will also present  good practices from sustainable and ethical textile and apparel companies"

Blended learning course for apparel and textile employees

"The course will consist of the following modules as they have been
discussed and selected by the partners:
The course will be designed for  employees of the apparel and textile companies.

Engaging the employees with the training will assist in making
sustainability and ethical growth a concrete reality throughout the
company. Many companies invest in training their employees as it has
been demonstrated that employees’ knowledge on sustainability and the methods that the enterprise uses to promote it, can positively influence not only the adoption of environmental- friendly policies in the company but also the customers’ interest in environmentally friendly products.

Expected impact: Following the idea that change can be achievable at
all stages, an innovation that many international companies already
implement, the second PR aims at providing training and motivation to
the employees so that they also strive for the sustainable and ethical
growth of the company they work in as well as outside their workplace.

Training the workforce is considered vital and as International Labour
Organization, has mentioned (2019) “Employers will increasingly require
workers to be equipped with the appropriate skills to operate new technologies for efficient and sustainable production in order to attract investment and boost profitability.”"

“My Eco-Enterprise” - A digital platform for engaging employees and employers in the apparel and textile industry


The platform will contain tools aiming at assisting in boosting the sustainability and the ethical growth of the companies that will use it and of the sector in general.


In the interface of the platform the user will be able to see four subpages: a strategic roadmap, a wiki tool for employees, a “check-howsustainable-is-your business” quiz, and a success-stories subpage with examples and narrations of SMEs & designers who transformed their enterprises.


In addition there will be a direct link to our digital courses for a holistic approach to a sustainable and ethical growth of the enterprise.

The online platform will include

  • A strategic roadmap toolkit for SMEs to integrate sustainability goals across their enterprise (different chapters with tips, examples, business tool templates such as BMC & SWOT etc.), a step-by-step guide for creating a sustainable enterprise,

  • A digital tool that will allow the employees to formulate their ideas on sustainability and ethics into a proposal and engage with their employers/ a wiki tool to create, collaborate, edit and share content in an organized way.

  • A fun quiz for employees & employers to test how sustainable their enterprise is. The quiz in the end will offer small solutions in the form of tips depending on the answers.

  • A success-stories subpage. The SME enterprises that made small or big changes can be an inspiration for the others since they are not big corporations with which an SME cannot identify, but enterprises that achieved sustainable and ethical growth through our project and beyond.

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